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The Michigan-based Insights Group brings opinions of everyday people to those who need to understand what people think. For more than a decade, our focus groups have helped our clients better understand the feelings and thoughts of the general public.

A focus group is a form of research in which a "demographically correct" group of people is asked about their individual perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes toward a concept, advertisement, idea, product or service. Information is presented, questions are asked, and answers are given in an interactive setting where participants are encouraged to explain their views.

Information that is gathered at these groups is used in a variety of ways to assist our clients in making decisions. Projects are done for a variety of reasons on a variety of issues, and it's impossible to predict which type of focus group you might be involved in. We do NOT sell anything and we do NOT pander to any political causes. We also can not reveal the topic until the day of the event. The topic of your focus group will be announced on the day of the group; your discretion will be required.